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DSC_1612_telephoneWe specialize in designing business strategies. We will address all known variables and issues related to gaining consensus in attaining a specific goal. Some of our service areas are listed below. Our role is to be a catalyst, advisor and/or leader in the design, management, problem solving and action plan implementation.

Available Services

We specialize in designing growth and exit strategies. We will address all known variables necessary to execute a successful outcome. Some of our service areas are listed below. Our role is to be a catalyst, advisor and/or facilitator in framing issues, identifying alternate courses of action, solution design, management action  and plan implementation.

Strategic Planning

Taking a long view of the business opportunities…

Through discovery meetings and complete analysis of your current situation, we, together with your key executives, will determine the organizational needs and translate them into specific measurable objectives and then re-focus the organization to ensure you’re doing what is necessary to accomplish both business and personal intentions.  If you wonder whether your business is moving in the right direction, at the right speed, or if you desire a more pro-active vs. reactive management team, we can help you clear the vision and set the strategy in an objective, measurable manner. Our process will lead to implementing action plans for a more effective and efficient use of your limited resources, including people, equipment, time and money. In cases where we determine that the organization is doing the best that can be expected given the resources available, we curtail our engagement and wish you luck.  Our process has helped privately-held client companies, family-owned businesses and not for-profit organizations, whose sizes range in revenue between $500,000 and $100 million.

Compensation Design

Rewarding those who perform …

A well-designed and implemented compensation policy is a critical component to an effective recruitment and retention program. It positively or negatively impacts morale and productivity and ultimately the financial performance of the company.  We design comprehensive compensation plans for the entire organization, just one employee, or a few key employees that may require consideration over and above the norm. They are designed to be flexible, have fixed and variable components dependent on a few key measurable benchmarks tied to the employers objectives, easy to understand and transparent so as to prevent manipulation of data.  


Business Valuation

For a smoother transition…

For the purpose of assisting a Seller in determining the sale value of the company or part of it, or a Buyer interested in purchasing a company or part of a company, we provide valuation services to arrive at  “Fair Market Value”.  We provide an opinion of the value within a narrow range that we believe represents FMV.  The results are somewhat different from a comparative appraisal approach, asset appraisal, book value or  liquidation value.  Fair Market Value (FMV) is almost universally accepted as the cash or cash equivalent price at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, both being adequately informed of the relevant facts about the business, and neither being compelled to buy or sell. It also assumes that the transaction is at “arm’s length” rather than a “particular” buyer or seller. The price would not be considered representative of FMV if influenced by motivations not characteristic of a typical buyer or seller.  An example may be a parent selling to a son or daughter, a debt holder selling a business to settle a delinquent account, etc.  FMV is the best method to determine what range of pricing should be considered for the purchase or sale of an ongoing business.






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